Technicrete, Rocla and Oconbrick acquired by RMB Ventures and Capitalworks

Technicrete, Rocla and Oconbrick, previously part of the Murray & Roberts Construction Products Africa platform, have been successfully acquired by a consortium consisting of private equity firm Capitalworks, RMB Ventures and senior executives in the businesses. The transaction is effective from 31 October. While the businesses remain successful, Murray & Roberts announced in June 2013 that there was a limited fit between these businesses and the group’s strategic focus on engineering and construction. This provided an opportunity for the consortium to acquire the businesses. The three established infrastructure and mining product brands manufacture and supply goods including specialised concrete products and clay bricks. “We are proud to welcome our new investors and pleased that they have recognised the potential for further success in each of these companies,” says Albert Weber, Chief Executive Officer. “The first three months of this financial year have shown excellent performance across the three businesses and we look forward to this continuing as we take them forward under new ownership.” Shaun Frankish, Capitalworks Principal, says, “The strong management team brings with it a proven track record – a factor which is keenly sought by Capitalworks in considering new investments. Capitalworks brings an invigorating view of the future to each of its transactions. The combination of an excellent management team and a dynamic strategic outlook has time and again proved to be outstanding in unlocking value for all stakeholders in our transactions.” The transaction positions all three businesses to take advantage of the infrastructure growth opportunities that exist in our country, and also reaffirms our commitment to the development of South African infrastructure,” says Justin Babaya, lead transactor, RMB Ventures. “We believe each of the businesses in this stable have demonstrated sound knowledge of their industry and a competitive position, are passionate about their businesses and are unwavering in their dedication to creating shareholder and employee value. We are excited to bring RMB Ventures’ financial and strategic support into this successful mix.” As all three companies have established themselves as market leaders with a strong brand presence, each will maintain its current brand and identity. The three trade entities will remain Technicrete, Rocla and Oconbrick. “We remain focused on the strategic objectives we have set and delivering the quality, innovation and service excellence we are known for,” says Weber. “The demand for our products continues to grow and we have an experienced team to deliver on these needs. We are confident that this will bring further success for the group companies and excellent returns for our investors.”