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Rocla wingwall units are used at both the inlet and outlet of a pipe system in both culvert and storm-water applications. The natural flow path of water upstream is wider than the culvert / pipe structure. Transition sections are therefore required in order to receive and direct the flow of upstream water through the culvert / pipe. The same transition elements are required at the downstream end of the culvert / pipe to return the flow of water to the natural width of the stream.

Rocla precast Wingwall units have been developed in order to provide a quality assured product, suitable for most situations, that makes culvert systems faster and more cost effective to install and maintain. Precast units of this type are used almost exclusively in Australia, UK and USA.

Our efficient design ensures maximum hydraulic flow performance at both the inlet and outlet of culverts structures. The angle of wingwalls to headwalls, coupled with the sloping base, ensures that the incoming water flows effortlessly through the structure, limiting debris build up in the corners.

The separate precast concrete toe allows for effortless installation of both the unit and the toe and once installed, keys the unit to the ground preventing movement. This key also provides the unit with additional stability against impact loads and reduces the risk of scouring of the soil below or to the side of the toe.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Wing Wall Units :

  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Reduced quantity of materials required
  • No formwork, site-mix concrete or reinforcing required on site
  • No waste and No clean up on site required
  • Remote sites become simple to manage
  • Concrete strength guaranteed – correct mix design and optimum curing
  • Quantity and positioning of designed reinforcing guaranteed
  • No delays waiting for concrete to cure and stripping of formwork
  • Units capable of fitting a wide range of pipe diameters
  • Lifting anchors cast into the structure
  • Designed for both Pipe and Culvert section

Rocla’s new products offer quality controlled manufacture, quick and easy to installation and large saving in materials due to high strength concrete and precast technologies and efficiencies.

Currently these type of units are constructed either using brickwork or concrete. Either which way, they are always constructed on-site. This, unfortunately, brings with it all the problems normally associated with site manufacture :

  • Are the correct quantities of materials being used ?
  • Site conditions never come close to ideal curing conditions.
  • General poor quality workmanship on site due to insufficient skills and/or supervision.
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