About Rocla


Rocla has an extensive network of factories throughout South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. We are also able to design and manufacture special products at customer requests. This is made possible through our technical expertise and quality controls we have in place after 100 years of experience in the Precast Concrete field.

Rocla has developed the mobile plant concept, which involves the manufacture of products on site in order to minimise transport costs. Although the products are not manufactured in the ‘factory environment’, the attention to quality is not neglected. The CMACS guidelines to product quality and manufacture are adhered to and where applicable the mark is applied to the products.


To be the Number 1 precast concrete infrastructural product specialist in Southern Africa.


To enhance quality of life through engineering and manufacturing high quality precast concrete infrastructural products.


Rocla (Pty) Ltd is Southern Africa’s leading manufacturer of pre-cast concrete products for infrastructure, including pipes, culverts, manholes, poles and various other related products.


Rocla is ISO 9001/2015 certified and has the applicable SANS mark on the bulk of its products.

Rocla totally embraces, and is fully committed to the principal of Total Quality Management. The company has a sophisticated Quality Management System, which is considered key to all that the company stands for and for all its endeavours into the future. The system is continually monitored and upgraded to ensure its effectiveness.


Rocla is committed to the empowerment of its staff in the workplace. The company aims at developing quality people through skills developments and training. Each employee is afforded the opportunity to plan and develop his/her own career and to maximise his/her potential growth. Staff assessments are carried out on a regular basis. These assessments form the basis of detailed training programs. Training is carried out using either internal or external facilitators and education institutions are also used where appropriate. Employee assistance is available to finance further studies.


Procurement forms part of Rocla’s Quality Management System. It is important for the company to establish supplier relationships to ensure consistent quality of supply. The company aims to source material and services from BEE companies where possible.

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