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There are two different roadside furniture types One consists of:
• 450 x 600 x 300 Culvert to form a chair
• 910 x 910 x 75 THK slab to form the table top
• 450 x 1200 Butt IJ Pipe

The other consists of:
• 1200 x 160 THK Round table top
• 300 x 1220 Cast in Pipe
• 400 x 110 THK Round chair top
• 150 x 900 Cast in Pipe

Areas of Use:

Roadside furniture can be seen all along our main roads and at picnic areas.
Handling and Installation
When handling any concrete product, it is important to remember that, as concrete is a heavy and somewhat brittle material, bumps or shock loads of any description are liable to damage the product. This is usually applicable to the sharp corners around the joints.



Disclaimer: Manufactured at specific branches only. Contact us to enquire.

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