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With the majority of South Africa’s commuters utilizing the taxi or bus facilities, Rocla has introduced a safe and convenient shelter for these commuters. This virtually indestructible and versatile unit provides shelter from the sun and rain as well as seating.

The durable concrete ensures that the unit is secure from any would be structural vandalism and guarantees decades of service free life.

The smooth surface of the unit is light grey in appearance, thus blending into virtually any surroundings, but can also be painted for advertisements, roadside markings or community notices.

The installation of these units will introduce a dedicated communal point for commuters, thus adding convenience and safety.

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Custom-made Products:
Although the unit is relatively fixed in size, minor alterations can be accommodated, such as a wind-wall on one or both sides, etc.

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Although very little accessories are required for this product, various other products can be implemented in conjunction with it, such as drainage channels, Concrete vendor stalls, street lighting poles, concrete toilet units, etc.

Areas of Use:
This product is designed for, but not limited to, servicing the needs in the commuter marketplace.

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Handling and Installation:
When handling any concrete products, it is important to remember that, as concrete is a heavy and somewhat brittle material, bumps or shock loads of any description are liable to damage the product. This applies particularly to sharp edges.

Concrete Shelter units will usually be transported in a horizontal position and should be off-loaded and stacked in this position. The units should be lifted by the lifting holes supplied. The correct lifting equipment should be used for these operations.

Contractors could consider these products a part of their community involvement through training community members to install the bus shelters

Firstly identify the location of the unit.

A thin blinding/sand layer must be placed to ensure that the unit is uniformly supported and level and the unit placed onto this. The fittings as required must then be attached to the unit to complete the installation.

For more information on Concrete Bus Stop and Taxi Rank Shelter installation, please use the contact us facility, as our staff can be of assistance on site with the installation activities.

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