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As with its predecessor that had a front mounted wall, the new SAR Control Room offers some new features such as:

  • More Room for Equipment and movement
  • Thicker Walls Better reinforcement New design save door
  • In addition, this unit is casted as one complete structure with a cast in base thus making this unit virtually impenetrable.

Areas of Use:
These units used by the South African Railways are placed alongside the railway lines next to the signal units. All the equipment needed to controls the signal are mounted in these secure units.

Handling and Installation:
When handling any concrete product, it is important to remember that, as concrete is a heavy and somewhat brittle material, bumps or shock loads of any description are liable to damage the product. This is usually applicable to the sharp corners around the joints. Each unit has two holes on either side of the unit that is used for handling and installation. These holes also provide ventilation for the equipment inside.

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