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Rocla is proud to announce the introduction to South Africa of a vast and superior range of separators, filters and purifiers for Grease, Oil and Petrochemical contamination of water. Working closely with Alltrap Engineering, the local importers of the ecoTechnic® range of products from Austria, Rocla has developed a full range of concrete tanks to suit every application.

Rocla has designed its own Gravity Separator to offer far superior separation than normal square or rectangular type products. These separators are placed outside and designed to be positioned below ground with manhole access for cleaning purposes. Our separator utilises the longer length of the circumference of a circle to increase initial flow path distance travelled by contaminated water. This, coupled with the specifically designed inlet and outlet to reduce flow velocities, thereby inducing quiescent flow conditions, naturally enhances separation in this chamber. This tank is not SABS tested but available to engineers who take charge of their own designs and require a superior product with which to work.

This tank has been included, modified and/or added-to in order to accommodate all the product offerings that Alltrap Engineering are offering to the South African market. Alltrap products include ecoLine®, ecoStop®, ecoSorp® and ecoSep® as well as full access to new developments in this regard. All ecoTechnic® products have been designed with long maintenance intervals, access from ground level, low-waste disposal costs and future, more stringent standards, in mind. Testing has proven that this range of products far exceeds the strict European Standards (DIN 1999 and EN858) for performance of 5 ppm separation.

ecoLine® offers a full range of oil water separators from 50gpm (3L/s) to 320 gpm (20L/s) with larger models available on request. ecoSep® units are available up to 320 gpm with custom units available up to 1600 gpm.

These ranges have been designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water-soluble fluids with a specific gravity below 0.95 (gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral oils) from effluent discharge. A two-step separation process is utilised : gravity separation and removal of small oil particles by coalescing media elements, producing high removal efficiencies allowing virtually no oil emulsion formations to develop. The separated water that leaves the ecoLine® and ecoSep® units has a residual contamination of free petroleum content of less than 5 mg/liter.

ecoStop® is an automatic shut-off valve inserted into the concrete tanks to stop flow when maximum oil storage capacity is reached or when a certain liquid level in the separation chamber is exceeded. The ecoStop® Spill Control System is designed to control spills at petroleum storage or fuelling facilities. A spill situation shuts down ecostop’s® closure valve, preventing the discharge of free oil to municipal sewers or direct discharge outfalls.

ecoStop® maintains the spill on site where it can be contained either below grade (i.e. an underground storage tank or a large diameter pipe) or in an above grade, diked area. In the event of a minor petroleum build-up or a catastrophic type spill, changes in the liquid levels can be monitored by accurate and reliable liquid level sensor alarms. ecoStop® provides the safest and most cost effective method of protecting against unexpected, unpredictable and catastrophic petroleum spills.

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