With a country in constant development, be it new commercial or residential projects or the maintenance or upgrading of existing roads, pipes and storm-water systems, a crucial factor is the application of water and sewerage systems and related products that offer developers and local municipalities the longevity and high quality required.

With a history spanning over 100 years, Rocla, has been a leader in the manufacture and supply of sewerage and water systems and has worked with local municipalities and civils contractors throughout South Africa. The technical expertise and assistance that Rocla offers in the water and sewerage sectors in particular, puts them in an enviable position of assistance on projects from inception to completion.

One of the flagship products from Rocla is their reinforced concrete pipes with HDPE lining, which offers sewerage projects the same advantages as a conventional concrete pipe or a plastic pipe in that it maintains its shape under load and is resistant to acid attack. Exposed concrete in the joints of a pipeline need to be protected against corrosive gasses, and Rocla has designed a HDPE capping strip which is welded over the joint of the pipe after installation. It is generally 200mm wide and the same thickness as the lining used in the pipe. This unique HDPE lined pipe was recently commissioned for the Polokwane Waste Water Project, and 19kms of HDPE piping was supplied.

Rocla also manufactures reinforced concrete pipes with sacrificial layers. The host pipe may be manufactured from Dolomitic aggregate and ordinary Portland cement or Siliceous aggregate and ordinary Portland cement. The sacrificial layer may be from Dolomitic aggregate and ordinary Portland cement or Dolomitic aggregate and calcium aluminate cement.

The exposed concrete in joints of a pipeline needs to be protected against corrosive gasses and Rocla recommends joint sealing processes to avoid sewer corrosion activity.

Projects such as the Nellmapius Ext 22 low cost housing contract near Mamelodi commissioned nearly 3,000 precast steel-mesh reinforced concrete storm water pipes of various nominal diameters from Rocla, for the six-kilometer storm water pipeline being constructed.

Rocla was selected to manufacture and supply all the storm-water (spigot and socket) and interlocking pipes for Waterkloof Quarry, an old 58-hectare landmark, situated on the border of Waterkloof Ridge and Monument Park near Pretoria which was developed into an upmarket retirement estate. It was Rocla’s manufacturing capability that enabled them to meet the tight deadline associated with the quarry development.

Reinforced concrete pipes with Xypex Bio-San C500 are supplied for 300mm to 600mm pipes. Xypex Bio-San C500 is a uniquely designed admixture for integral, long-term protection of concrete in harsh sewerage conditions which have high levels of H2S that cause microbial induced corrosion in pipelines. The protection is for the full wall of the pipe and eliminates extra joint sealing.

For the recent Diepkloof sewer upgrades 2,715 piping product and associated supplies comprising RJ pipes, rubber rings, man holes, cover slabs and concrete lids for this were sourced from Rocla due to the quality of its manufacturing processes and final product.

Accessories for sewerage and water projects also include pipes with access holes, bends – Rocla can supply custom made bends of up to 30 degrees – spigot and socket pipe systems, manhole chambers with HDPE lining and reducer and cover slabs.

The Rocla design, engineering and technical team is available for pre-site design, and on-site application advice when required. This way, Rocla ensures that the correct solution is selected and installed correctly, giving the client a maximum return on their investment.