Rocla Products Add Value in Key Services Delivery

Focusing mainly on sanitation, Rocla’s stand showcased their precast, spun and tractional concrete poles as well as a specially designed precast panel toilet. The exhibition highlighted the durable and zero maintenance properties of concrete, which make it a cost-effective infrastructural component and investment in delivering key community services,such as sanitation and electricity distribution.

Poles for electrification
Now, more than ever, South Africans are cognisant of the importance of secure electricity supply. Cable theft, electrification and illegal connection are some of the threats that hamper electricity transmission and distribution in many communities. Rocla’s spun concrete poles are custom-designed with these challenges in mind. Spun poles derive strength from the unique centrifugal manufacturing process, and are invariably less expensive to install because of their long, maintenance-free life cycle. Resistant to vandalism and theft, spun concrete poles have minimal resale value, are heavy to move, and are not suitable for use as firewood or building struts for houses. Other benefits include resistance to fire, termites and corrosion.

Poles for lighting
Hollow, spun concrete poles are also used extensively for street lighting. Rocla custom-designs street light poles with an integral earthing system. Stainless steel ferrules are flush with the outside of the pole to provide an electrical connection to re-inforcing wire. Rocla’s concrete poles, ranging from 4.5 to 13 metres in length, can be custom designed for marine environments and particularly aggressive soil conditions.

Rocla’s spun poles have found a home in sporting stadia across South Africa for security lighting and floodlighting. Trevor Barnard, Managing Director of Rocla comments, “These poles are a sound investment when compared to their steel and fibre glass equivalents, as they are generally less expensive to install while delivering additional benefits of durability, maintenance-free and an attractive appearance.”

Tractional poles for railway and telecommunication networks
Rocla’s engineering team has custom-designed tractional poles for use as electrification masts for railways, which require the capability of handling very high loading. In addition to railway networks, tractional poles can be used as masts for telecommunication network fibre, playing an integral role in ensuring network cables and fibre are safe from theft and vandalism.

Panelled precast toilets for sanitation
Sanitation and waste management are integral services which Rocla’s products assist in delivering to needy communities. The Umhlathuzi Municipality in Richards Bay is benefiting from Rocla’s precast panel toilets which are addressing critical sanitation needs in the area.