When electrical distribution poles are still standing after 30 years, then you know you have made the correct decision by investing in Rocla spun concrete electricity poles. Over 20 Rocla spun concrete electricity poles, which were erected in 1992, are still standing and structurally sound after 30 years of use by Eskom in Harrismith, Free State.

“We are proud to see that our spun concrete electricity poles have survived three decades of use in the Free State. The fact that they are still structurally sound is testament to our expertise in concrete design and application” said Rocla’s Civil Engineer, Mohammad Bodhania. He added that transmission and distribution powerlines in suburban and rural areas require poles that withstand harsh environments and vandalism. “These are very important quality factors that will enable the electricity supply to be stable for the areas which they serve” said Bodhania.

The spun concrete poles, which are being used for electrification, comprise of suspension strain poles and remain structurally sound after all these years. The poles measure 15 meters with a 228 mm tip and strengths between 10kN and 30kN.

Rocla is renowned for its concrete manufacturing excellence and their spun concrete pole have become the preferred option for electrification and electric power line projects. “We continuously conduct quality checks and tests to ensure that our concrete poles comply to SANS470” said Bodhania. Spun concrete transmission and distribution poles offer a cost-effective solution due to the small servitude requirements, quicker installation turnaround time and a durable, long-term solution needing minimal maintenance.