Rocla Concrete Signal Houses Protect Transnet Signalling Equipment

Rocla, the leading specialist in precast concrete infrastructural products and solutions in southern Africa, recently partnered with Transnet to provide customdesigned precast concrete security units to protect signalling equipment on railway lines from theft and damage.

The increase in damage and theft of the electrical signalling equipment placed along the railway lines results in interrupted services in a number of areas and huge replacement costs.

Rocla’s custom designed precast signal security unit is a durable concrete structure that is robust and can withstand rigorous attempted break-ins. This is a great improvement on the traditional bricks and mortar solution.

The unit is cast as one complete structure with a cast-in base and thick, high strength walls, making the unit virtually impenetrable. A very high steel content is also used to make entry through the walls or roof more difficult.

Each unit features two holes on either side that are used for handling and installation, as well as a new special heavy duty door, and sufficient room for equipment and movement inside the unit. These holes also provide ventilation for the equipment housed inside the unit.

Danie Greeff, Director of Major Projects & Business Development at Rocla says, “The development of signal houses for Transnet is a long term project designed to secure signalling equipment alongside the railway lines, for example in areas like Brits, where the equipment was frequently reported stolen and damaged.

“Our team at Rocla customised and optimised the design of the unit to ensure that the weight was practical for handling and transportation, but strong enough to deter and resist break-ins. Precast concrete signal houses are proving to be a cost effective and reliable solution, preventing large losses and costly replacements. The end product has numerous other applications, such as housing cellphone tower equipment, security surveillance and equipment, to name a few.”