Concrete stormwater pipes have a long lifespan but it is not infinite. Ageing infrastructure and pipe erosion and corrosion are all factors that initiate the rehabilitation of stormwater piping systems. Rocla, known for its technical experience and product application analysis, was selected to design and manufacture skew culverts for the Parktown Emergency Stormwater Project in Johannesburg..

“An assessment of the relevant technical and practical factors is key to the successful design of any element of stormwater rehabilitation projects” said Civil Engineer, Muhammad Bodhania, based at Rocla’s Roodepoort offices. “There were numerous technological challenges presenting on the Parktown project, so meetings were held between PGN Civils, the site engineer and ourselves in order to ascertain the most appropriate design and product to be used for the successful installation of the replacement skew culverts and bases” said Bodhania.

“The existing stormwater channel at Parktown is a channel with a unique curvature. This is why Rocla had to design and manufacture specialised skew culverts that could be installed into this channel. We took the basic design of a standard Rocla culvert but manufactured it at an angle to create a curvature that would fit properly into the existing curved channel. We are proud to say that despite the challenges of the required angle design we met the technical specifications completely”.

Rocla supplied 42 straight 2500 x 2500 SAR Culverts, 19 skew culverts and associated bases.

“We have worked with engineers at PGN Civils and WBHO previously on specialised projects and they know of our technical, design and manufacturing capabilities, hence Rocla being chosen to assess and resolve the technological challenges of a very unique project” concluded Bodhania.

The Parktown Emergency Stormwater Rehabilitation Project started in February 2019 and is due for completion in February 2020.