LOMPEC Education Centre builds new classrooms and learning facilities

Located in Mamelodi East, Lompec Education Centre is providing much needed educational facilities to the local community. The demand for affordable education has grown considerably since the center inception in 1982, so much that an additional ten classrooms were required in order to separate the junior school from the high school. The IS Group of companies came on board to assist in the expansion of the Lompec Education Centre by donating materials and funding.

The IS Group has provided funding in the form of a donation in cash and kind to the value of R743,000.00. This was for the manufacture and delivery of 1,635 square meters of Technicrete Bond Brick pavers, 77 meters of Figure 7 1000mm kerbs, 2,200 Technicrete Earthform grey retaining wall blocks and 87,000 Ocon Brick clay stock bricks. A cash portion of R456,590.00 was donated to Lompec. The combined donation was used to build 10 new classrooms, a library and a computer facility.

“We were delighted when the IS Group informed us they would be assisting in the much-needed expansion programme. In addition to the bricks and kerbs, we were able to complete two sections of the school with Ready Mix concrete which was cast on the first floor; reinforcement steel was purchased and along with the donated bricks, enabled us to complete two wings” commented Barnard Mashiane, Emis Officer, Lompec Education Centre.

Group Marketing and Communications Manager for the IS Group, Malebusa Sebatane, said “Access to education is crucial for the upliftment and skills development of previously disadvantaged communities. Without education there is no future. When we heard about the need for extra classrooms and learning facilities at Lompec Education Centre we offered to donate, through the manufacture and transportation of materials required, and assist in the center’s expansion”.

“The financial donation by the IS Group will enable us to buy paint and floor tiles as well as complete the stormwater erection, paving installation, electrification elements and finishing touches to Section C of the school” concluded Mashiane.

Lompec Education Centre offers conventional education from pre-grade R up to Grade 12 delivering good results. In 2017 the centre was staffed by 41 educators overseeing 924 learners. Lompec engages in skills development by partnering with local universities in teacher training and during 2017 monitored four UNISA students and one University of Pretoria student. Additionally, they gave bursaries to five learners.