When the local municipality of Tshwane required 3m x 3m custom-made jacking box culverts for a service delivery project at Iscor Heights, in Pretoria West, the only company in South Africa who was able to design and manufacture culverts to such large specifications was Rocla. The culverts were manufactured with an in-the-wall joint that can be sealed with a rubber ring if required.

The project, which required 90 large sized culverts to create two 50m long under-road tunnels 6m below the road surface in order to provide new water services to the area, commenced in January 2020.

Brendan van Vuuren, Sales Consultant for Rocla said “We have been involved with the Iscor Heights project since the inception of the tender, and we worked closely with Esor Ltd, one of South Africa’s benchmark and civil engineering groups, who was the project’s sub-contractor, in order to ensure that their specifications for these very large jacking culverts were met. The largest jacking pipe Rocla had manufactured in the past was a 3000mm x 2500mm, which was too small for the project. After all of the specifications were finalised, the designing process began, which included manufacturing the mould for this specially sized culvert”.

Esor Ltd, Director, Len Nel commented “We have worked with Rocla on various projects over the years, so we knew that these large jacking culverts would have to be specifically designed and manufactured, and that Rocla was the only company who had that kind of creative capability”.

“After many meetings to discuss the design and verify the technical requirements of the jacking culverts to ensure that the final product would meet the loading requirements, the final culvert weighed in at an excess of 10 tons per product – a major design and manufacturing coup for Rocla” Nel added.

The timeframe from approved product specification and design to mould completion was only 16 weeks for the 90 culverts.

Due to the enormous size of the culverts, the delivery to site required an abnormal load permit and they were offloaded into the pit at site with a Side boom Crane.

“Rocla is extremely proud to have been involved with this unique project. It tested our design team’s expertise and our manufacturing processes to the limit, but showed that no project is too big for Rocla to collaborate on. It will certainly become one of Rocla’s historical milestones” concluded van Vuuren.

Rocla manufactures various culvert designs and culvert base slabs, along with stormwater pipes and other infrastructure products such as HDPE and pressure lined sewage pipes, concrete poles, manholes, bus shelters, sanitation units and concrete cabins.


The Infrastructure Specialist Group (ISG), which comprises Technicrete and Rocla has donated a 12 metre fully insulated containerised open plan office unit as well as paving to the Sifunindlela Primary School, based at Kabokweni in Mpumalanga Province. The office unit will be used by the school’s principal, Mr Ndhlovu and some of the school’s administration staff.

The 1 x 12.22 m x 2.44 m x 2.59 m container is fully insulated with 40mm polystyrene, has four aluminium sliding windows (900 mm x 1200 mm) – complete with fitted burglar bars – and a steel panel entrance door with a lock set.

Principal Ndhlovu explained “Sifunindlela Primary School has never had offices for staff, staff have in the past, met for meetings in passages or under the Lapa. Now, with the donation of this containerised office unit we have privacy for meetings with staff and visitors. It enables us to house school records and confidential correspondence properly. We are very grateful to Rocla and Technicrete for these donations. It creates a proper working environment for myself and members of my team, making a difference to how we work and giving us all a sense of pride in the school we are managing”.

“In 2019 ISG donated 16 sanitation units manufactured by Rocla to the Sifunindlela Primary School, because we believe that proper sanitation in schools provides human dignity. It was during this project that we became aware of the fact that Principal Ndhlovu had no dedicated office space not only for himself but also for some of his administrative staff “commented ISG Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Malebusa Sebatane.

“ISG decided to donate this fully insulated open plan office space to the school to assist in providing a secure and stable office environment for Principal Ndhlovu to carry out his duties” said Sebatane, adding

“Technicrete has also donated 2,574 m2   of our Double Zig Zag 60 mm grey paving and financed a local contractor to clear the ground work and install the paving around the school and new office”.

“In the past the primary school children have been subjected to high levels of dust from the dirt tracks around the premises, which the Technicrete paving will help reduce if not eliminate completely. Installation is from the entrance to the primary school, around the art class and around the netball fields. The paving will improve the health and wellbeing of these young children in a big way in addition to creating safer and more durable walkways” concluded Principal Ndhlovu.

The containerised open plan office space is fitted with a 220V Distribution Board, 4 x 4 ft vapor proof lights, 4 x double switch plugs, a single light switch, 1 x 1800 BTU type air conditioner. The unit has rubberised flooring with black pigmentation. The exterior of the unit has been wire brushed, primed and painted in A/D white enamel.

“Education in South Africa is of paramount importance, if ISG, in some way, can make a difference by providing a suitable environment for educators to perform their duties in and safe and hygienic sanitation units for learners like those we have met at Sifunindlela Primary School, then we believe we have a played a part in the general upliftment of their environment” concluded Sebatane.


Effective sewerage systems are an essential element of infrastructure planning, development and maintenance. They ensure that communities live in hygienic conditions through the collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of wastewater in a non-hazardous manner to people and the environment. A critical function of sewerage systems is to prevent water-borne diseases from becoming active.

The success of such systems is dependent on the design of the system, good quality materials and products, good installation and construction practice and continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure their effectiveness is not compromised during their service life.

Rocla, a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products is an ISO 9001(Quality Management System) certified company and manufactures sewerage system products carrying the CMACS Mark of Approval.

The range of products that Rocla offers in terms of sewer reticulation are:

  • Reinforced concrete pipes with HDPE lining – The HDPE lined concrete pipe offers the advantages of a conventional concrete pipe as well as a plastic pipe in that it maintains its shape under load and is inert to acid attack. They are an ideal product for large diameter gravity pipelines in almost any condition. The standard HDPE lining is light green and 3mm thick. A HDPE capping strip is welded over the joints after installation to protect the exposed concrete at the joints from corrosive products. These pipes are available from 750mm diameter pipes. 
  • Reinforced concrete pipes with a sacrificial layer – The company manufactures the following types of reinforced concrete pipes with sacrificial layer: The host pipe is manufactured from ordinary Portland cement (OPC) concrete with either dolomitic or siliceous aggregate and the sacrificial layer is manufactured with dolomitic aggregate in an OPC concrete or calcium aluminate cement (CAC) concrete.
  • Reinforced concrete pipes with Xypex BIO-SAN C500 – Concrete pipes with Xypex BIO-SAN C500 are offered for 300mm to 600 mm diameter pipes. Xypex BIO-SAN C500 is a uniquely designed
  • admixture for integral, long term protection of concrete in harsh sewerage conditions with high levels of H2S that causes microbial induced corrosion in pipelines.

Infrastructure Accessories

Supporting precast concrete sewerage accessories include:

  • Pipes with access hole
  • Bends – custom made bends of up to 30 degree can be supplied
  • Manholes – HDPE lined manhole chambers, reducer slabs and cover slabs

Rocla products have been utilised in the Waterkloof Quarry and the Nellmapius Ext 22 housing project both in Pretoria, as well as for the Polokwane Eastern Ring Road and rehabilitation of the D528 in George’s Valley and the Great North Plaza in Limpopo. Projects in Cape Town and Mozambique have also sourced the expertise that Rocla can offer when it comes to infrastructure specialist requirements.


Rocla and Technicrete, part of the Infrastructure Specialist Group (ISG), re-open for business after the initial level 5 COVID-19 situation in South Africa.

“We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing plants are running although at a reduced capacity, and that our sales representatives are available to assist customers with technical and product advice across the entire spectrum of our standard and customer specified offerings” said Malebusa Sebatane, Marketing and Communications Manager for ISG.

Rocla, an iconic South African brand, is one of the leading suppliers of precast concrete products for infrastructure, including pipes, culverts, manholes, poles and various other related products. Their products are regularly specified for public works infrastructure projects as well as commissioned by the private sector for commercial developments.

Technicrete has one of the most comprehensive range of concrete products in South Africa. Technicrete manufactures and supplies paving, erosion and drainage products, masonry and mining products.

Both Rocla and Technicrete are members of the Concrete Manufacturers Association of South Africa.

“All of our factories and staff are COVID-19 compliant, and work to a high standard of diligence and with stringent sanitising and personal protective equipment in place throughout its operations” concluded Sebatane.

All Technicrete enquiries should be directed to the sales team contacts stipulated on

All Rocla enquiries should be directed similarly to contacts stipulated on:


Concrete stormwater pipes have a long lifespan but it is not infinite. Ageing infrastructure and pipe erosion and corrosion are all factors that initiate the rehabilitation of stormwater piping systems. Rocla, known for its technical experience and product application analysis, was selected to design and manufacture skew culverts for the Parktown Emergency Stormwater Project in Johannesburg..

“An assessment of the relevant technical and practical factors is key to the successful design of any element of stormwater rehabilitation projects” said Civil Engineer, Muhammad Bodhania, based at Rocla’s Roodepoort offices. “There were numerous technological challenges presenting on the Parktown project, so meetings were held between PGN Civils, the site engineer and ourselves in order to ascertain the most appropriate design and product to be used for the successful installation of the replacement skew culverts and bases” said Bodhania.

“The existing stormwater channel at Parktown is a channel with a unique curvature. This is why Rocla had to design and manufacture specialised skew culverts that could be installed into this channel. We took the basic design of a standard Rocla culvert but manufactured it at an angle to create a curvature that would fit properly into the existing curved channel. We are proud to say that despite the challenges of the required angle design we met the technical specifications completely”.

Rocla supplied 42 straight 2500 x 2500 SAR Culverts, 19 skew culverts and associated bases.

“We have worked with engineers at PGN Civils and WBHO previously on specialised projects and they know of our technical, design and manufacturing capabilities, hence Rocla being chosen to assess and resolve the technological challenges of a very unique project” concluded Bodhania.

The Parktown Emergency Stormwater Rehabilitation Project started in February 2019 and is due for completion in February 2020.


“No school should be without proper functioning and clean sanitation units. It’s called human dignity” said Albert Weber, Chief Executive Officer of the Infrastructure Specialist Group (ISG) when he recently handed over 16 Rocla precast concrete sanitation units to the Sifunindlela Primary School, based at Kabokweni in Mpumalanga Province.

“At ISG, our Corporate Social Initiative focuses on early learning development projects. At Sifunindlela Primary School, we saw a need for hygienic and safe sanitation units for their very young learners, and we knew we could assist through the expertise that Rocla has in this sector. Our belief that functional ablution facilities should be provided for young learners attending educational establishments, stems from our belief in the right to basic human dignity. We at ISG and Rocla are proud to have supplied the 16 dignified and safe sanitation units” Weber said.

 “We contracted Enviromould Product Solutions for the installation of the toilets, they supplied amenities for upstream water and downstream sewer management. The finished product comprised of two sets of toilet for both girls and boys. The seats supplied, include for a built in baby-seat to accommodate both pre-schoolers and the much older children in primary school. These sanitation units are safe, hygienic and fully functional and replace previously dangerous Pit toilet installations” commented Andre Labuschagne, Product Development Manager at Rocla. He added “The sanitation unit itself is a cost-efficient unit. There is no need for any educational establishment not to have units such as these installed for their learners and their staff “.

Enviromould supplied all associated sanitation unit fittings such as stop cocks, water connection fittings, infiltrator soak away chambers, sewer pipes, water troughs and vent valves as well as conducting the excavation, installation and backfilling of the septic tank  as well as the installation of a 5000 litre water tank on a raised platform to gravitationally feed the toilet cisterns.


The JB Marx Taxi Rank at Ikageng Extension 7, developed at a cost of just under R12 million, used pre-cast concrete bus shelters from Rocla and interlocking pavers from Technicrete to make the rank convenient and user-friendly for local commuters. The project, in the North West Province, was recently opened and comprises supporting infrastructure such as washing bays, hawker stalls, ablution facilities, taxi/commuter shelters and a waste management building.

Chris Nel, Project Manager at ALS Civil Projects, said “We used products from Rocla and Technicrete because we know the standard of their manufacturing processes. Their cost competitiveness is in the quality of their product. Having worked with both companies on a variety of projects since 2010 they know the standard expected of them by ALS Civil Projects, and have never let us down”.

“The pre-cast concrete bus shelters are a specialised product from Rocla. We required 148 units for the JB Marx Taxi Rank and due to the variety of dimensions required for the project, different moulds had to be used in the manufacturing process. This meant that the moulds had to be numbered at the Rocla factory and delivered in the correct order to site for installation. This was seamlessly executed by Rocla” said Nel.

“Some of the bus shelters were converted into hawker stalls” commented Dillon Carter, Sales Consultant for Rocla in the North West. “The pre-cast bus shelters and stalls are virtually indestructible and vandal proof. They offer shelter from heat and rain in addition to the comfort of providing seating for waiting commuters” said Carter.

The durability of the pre-cast concrete products offers a relatively maintenance free lifespan, an important factor for local municipalities wanting to ensure budgets for street furniture are well spent. The Rocla bus shelter can be supplied in various configurations, and although supplied in a light grey colour, the surface is easily painted for advertising, roadside markings and community notice purposes.

Technicrete 60 mm Double Zig-Zag (DZZ) interlocking pavers were selected for the entire road surface of the rank as well as for the walkways, in total an area of 7,000 m2 .The DZZs are ideal for installation in taxi ranks and other such areas where a heavy traffic footprint is anticipated. The interlocking pavers form a continuous surface overlay while still providing a good quality and pleasing finish.

“We knew that both Rocla and Technicrete were the only manufacturers in the area that could produce the required product quality and back it up with good service and logistical compliance in order that our project management ran on schedule. That is what we have come to expect from the two companies and we have not been disappointed “concluded Nel.

Rocla and Ocon Brick shine at 2018 PMR Africa Business Excellence Awards

Rocla and Ocon Brick, part of the IS Group of companies, both excelled in the 2018 PMR. Africa Business Excellence Awards, with Rocla walking away with the Diamond Arrow Award, whilst Ocon Brick picked up its 10thPMR Award by being awarded a Gold Arrow Award. The awards ceremony hosted by, was held in May, in Johannesburg.

From left to right:

Andre van der Westhuizen, IS Group Regional Sales Manager, Malebusa Sebatane, IS Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Mariana Lamont, Claybrick Executive Director, Justin Kretzmar, IS Group Sales Engineer, Lucas Steyn, Ocon Brick Sales Consultant

Rocla is well known in Southern Africa for the design, manufacture and supply of precast concrete products, and Gauteng-based Ocon Brick is a leading manufacturer and supplier of clay stock and semi-face bricks.

The awards, which are hosted by, who are industry research specialists, aim to recognise excellence while setting bench marks in the different industries. Research is undertaken via a sample of industry retailers and construction company representatives focusing on the manufacturers of concrete products and the performance of brick manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding.

Consideration was given to the following factors which resulted in the successful nominations of Rocla and Ocon Brick:

  • Ability to meet orders
  • BEE
  • Competitive pricing structures
  • Delivery reliability
  • Environmentally friendly solutions/products
  • Flexibility
  • Product quality
  • Range of product menu
  • Reputation of supplier
  • Responsiveness
  • Sustainable development practices


ISG Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Malebusa Sebatane said “We are very excited to have been nominated by for these awards. Rocla’s Diamond Arrow Award is a reflection of the professional service and high-quality products we  offer and supply. The research conducted covering key elements of Rocla’s operations reflects a very high level of customer satisfaction and appreciation for the technical assistance and suitability of Rocla’s precast concrete solutions”.

“Sister company, Ocon Brick established in 1982, has over the years, consistently been recognised by with a number of Business Excellence PMR Arrow Awards, but that does not detract from the prestige of being awarded a Gold Arrow Award in 2018, which makes us very proud. Ocon Brick has supplied clay stocks to well known landmark developments such as Constitutional Court of South Africa, the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication in Soweto, The Palace of the Lost City (Sun City), Sandton City and many more ” said Sebatane.

Rocla has been in operation since 1917 and has been recognised for their innovative use of precast concrete solutions such as their concrete cabins for Photovotaic (PV) farms and sanitation units that offer skills and employment opportunities for rural communities.

The IS Group comprises Rocla, Ocon brick and Technicrete brands.