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The Rocla Precast Concrete Toilet unit is a cost effective solution to one of the essential needs in South Africa’s high-density urban and rural communities.

This stand-alone unit has been developed to be used in either the water borne systems or in the biological or chemical systems of the pit latrines.

The durable nature of the unit lends itself to the use in long lasting solutions. The unit is supplied complete with high quality, non-removable steel swivel door and the optional concrete bolt-on wash basin. Where running water is available, the copper fittings can be cast into the walls of the unit to prevent vandalism.

Custom-made Products:
As there is a wide customer base, this type of product, although relatively fixed in size, is virtually not limited to one specific design. The needs of the users are hugely different in each application, therefore we urge you to use the contact us facility to discuss the separate needs. From this a unit can be designed or modified to suit.

In the case of pit latrines, the septic tank can be manufactured from concrete and supplied together with the Toilet unit. This provides a sealed system where-in the effluent cannot seep into the surrounding soul and contaminate the groundwater.


With each application there is a different set of accessories, such as:
– Water piping and fittings
– Bolt on wash basin
– Steel door

Areas of Use:
This unit is mostly suited for use in rural as well as densely populated urban areas. This stand-alone unit has been developed to be used in either the water borne systems or in the biological or chemical systems of the pit latrines.

Handling and Installation:
When handling any concrete products, it is important to remember that, as concrete is a heavy and somewhat brittle material, bumps or shock loads of any description are liable to damage the product. This applies particularly to sharp edges.

Concrete Toilet Units will usually be transported in an upright position, and should be off-loaded and stacked in this position. The units should never be lifted by the door or fittings, but rather by the lifting holes supplied. The correct lifting equipment should be used for these operations.

The local community can be trained to install these products as a community involvement exercise.

Firstly identify the location of the toilet unit. If the unit is to join up to a sewer system, then this position is of vital importance. If the unit is to be positioned above a pit latrine or sump system, then this must be dug and a suitable cover placed over which can handle the weight of the toilet unit.

A thin blinding/sand layer must be placed to ensure that the unit is uniformly supported and level and the unit placed onto this. The piping must then be attached to complete the unit.

For more information on Concrete Toilet installation, please use the contact us facility, as our staff can be of assistance on site with the installation activities.

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