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The penstock rings are in some way similar to the IJ (Interlocking Joint) pipe only compressed into a 100mm ring. The male and female joints formed in the wall are used to locate the rings. Standard ring sizes are 450 and 900 penstock rings.

Custom made Products:
Penstock rings can also be manufactured in other size requirements.
Areas of Use:
Penstock are rings mainly used by the Mining sector in their slime dams and on the mine dumps. Rings are stacked on top of one another to form chambers. As the level of the dams, rises with mining waist, rings are added to prevent slush from ending up back in the system. The heavier solids in this waist sags to the bottom thus pushing the excessive water up, this water then spills over rings into chambers and is then channel to a water treatment plant/s at the mine. Because not all the chemicals or solids are removed this water is not suitable for drinking, is mainly-channelled back into the mines, and re-used in drilling or other mining operations.

Handling and Installation: When handling any concrete product, it is important to remember that, as concrete is a heavy and somewhat brittle material, bumps or shock loads of any description are liable to damage the product. This is usually applicable to the sharp corners around the joints.

These units are not extremely heavy although caution needs should be taken when placing them as not to pinch fingers.


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