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The half round channel is manufactured in the same why as the IJ (Interlocking Joint) pipe. The male and female type joint is formed in the wall. A V-cut in the length of the channels is casted in the wall on opposite sides of the pipe. Pipes are then cut into half to form the respective channels.
Channel sizes range from 300, 375, 450 and 600 and come in lengths of 1, 22 and 2, 44.
Custom made Products
The half round channel can also be manufactured in the any size required.

Areas of Use:
Half round channels are used anywhere where there is excessive runoff water along buildings and along roads. Having the same joint profile as the IJ (Interlocking Joints) pipe it is easy to join these channels into and existing pipe line.

Handling and Installation:
When handling any concrete product, it is important to remember that, as concrete is a heavy and somewhat brittle material, bumps or shock loads of any description are liable to damage the product. This is usually applicable to the sharp corners around the joints. Two small recesses on either side of the channels make hand installation possible and easier for two to four people to carry, depending on the weight. The joint profile makes alignment easier.


Disclaimer: Manufactured at specific branches only. Contact us to enquire.
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